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Pagans Downunder

A place for Aussie Pagans to meet

Australian Pagans
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All Members , Moderated
This community was created to help Pagans of all ages, gender, sexual orientation, race that reside in Australia get in contact with others perhaps close to them with similar intrests. It is also a place to learn, help others learn and discuss related issues to anything Pagan. Please keep your demeanor pleasant while participating in this community, and if you join, read the rules before you do, and don't forget to introduce yourself:

- Be nice! No bashing other people for any reason. If someone breaks this rule, they will be warned. If they persist, they will be removed from the community.
- Keep of topic. Please post things related to Paganism, whether it be personal exsperiences, questions, information, news articles, etc... but don't go posting about things like your new shoes, cars, etc. Your pretty safe from this rule if you have something pagan-related in your post.
- When introducing yourself, please type "Trees hug me!" in the subject line, so I know you have read the rules.
- Have fun, meet people and learn as much as you like!

Name: Anything you like us to call you.
Age: How old you are.
Location: Where is Australia are you located?
Your 'Path': What part/s of Paganism do you follow? Tell us a bit about your beliefs.
Hobbies: Any thing you like doing in particular?
Pets/Familliars: Any little furry, feathered or scaled friend you'd like to tell us about?
Anything else?: Feel free to let us know anything else about you that you'd like to share.

Hope you enjoy your stay, and meet some new and interesting people.