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Trees hug me!

Welcome to pagansdownunder! I'm your local mod, jez_, and since I exspect everyone else to submit and introduction, I shall do so aswell.

Name: Jessica.
Age: 18.
Location: I'm currently living in a small town called Seymour, however I plan to be moving to Melbourne to continue studying nect year.
Your 'Path': I'm a Spiritualist, and slightly eclectic in eastern religions. I believe in karma, meditation to achieve focus, reincarnation, psyhic phenomena, mediumship.
Hobbies: Beauty and fashion, pilates, yoga, trying to cook, spending time with my dog and/or boyfriend.
Pets/Familliars: Onyx, my 1 year old black bitsa pup. He's my pride and joy. He's a cross between Chiuaua, Jack Russel and Silky Terrier.
Anything else?: I'm a natural empath, and therefore get a lot of gratification with spiritual healing and helping others. I'm a very creative person and plan to become a beauty and massage therapist, and perhaps dip into Naturopathy late down the track. I love to draw, listen to music and have fun like any other person my age would, however I don't tend to get a huge kick from 'going out on the town' as much as most 18 year olds I know. If you'd like to know more about me, ask me or check out my porfile. I have been interested in Paganism for 7 years, and practicing my path for about 4 I believe, though I am always constantly changing as a person and learning more, which effects some of what I pick up and intergrate into my life spiritually.

Add me if you wish, I'm always up for new friends. :)
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